Chris Blake is a graphic designer & web developer, teacher and entrepreneur from England, living and working in China, Aus & UK.

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Chris Blake produces intelligent and considered communication solutions for a diverse range of clients over a wide range of disciplines. His approach is a straight forward one. He believes in simplicity, clarity of message, originality and delivery.

BAhons Graphic Communication with Typography

Over 10 years professional Experience

F500, MNCs, SMEs, Start-ups, Public and Private sectors.

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With over ten years professional experience contracting and freelancing with SMEs and MNCs around the world, Chris had developed a range of skills, connections, and business-building qualities. From innovation stages, team building and manamgement, through to investment sourcing and partnership negotiations, to straetgic planning and reporting, through to proudction and delivery.

First foreigner employed by Chinese Government.

Project Promotion Manager for Oxford University’ technology transfer business in Shenzhen, China.

Contracting with Vodafone Australia R&D and Innovation, alongside some of the world’s leading brand and tech-development companies.

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With a very well-rounded education and career, qualifications and legal requirements, and a natural ability and professionalism to be a great teacher, Chris has worked in this sector at many levels; promotion, management, and as a teacher.

Creative Director for one of he world’s largest outdoor education companies.

Western Culture and English Teacher for NAEI, North American Education Insititue.

Over 6 years experince succesfully teaching all ages, privately and publicly.

Qualified, Criminal Background History Check, legal.

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