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Thanks for visiting! I’m Chris Blake, a 39 year old, married man from England, with a long career in graphic design, web development, and marketing. I’ve worked for and alongside a wide range of companies and clients,  living and working around the world, and I have acquired a varied, unique and important set of skills.

I hope that you will take a few moments to browse my website to learn a bit more about me, my work and more importantly what services and opportunities I might be able to offer you.

Key Facts

  • BAHons Graphic Communication with Typography
  • Over 15 years professional experience in the marketing, digital & design
  • The first foreigner to be employed by the Chinese Government (PRC)*.
  • Worked alongside Vodafone AUZ & NZ in innovation as well as delivering multi-media marketing strategies, design and development of mobile apps and services.
  • Project Promotion Manager for the University of Oxford technology transfer business in China, Oxford Innovation Shenzhen.
  • Successfully created and developed well over 30 websites, a dozen successful brands, a full range of marketing collateral in both digital and print.
  • Managed teams of people, entire large-scale projects from concept to completion
  • Specialized in multi-language and multi-cultural projects.
  • Content direction, management, and creation.

and much more.